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The Government Suite
(Available in both Client Server and Browser platforms)
LegalEdge's Government Suite offers case management systems with the ability to mix-and-match modules to address the diverse needs of the modern attorney.
  • The American Prosecutor
  • The American Civil Attorney
  • The American Defender
All three programs have the following:
  • Comprehensive case tracking database that maintains an extensive variety of information associated with a case, such as criminal history, victims and witnesses, charges, sentences and plea bargains.

  • Evidence management system that tracks all items being held as evidence connected to a specific case.

  • Sophisticated calendaring and docketing that allows you to set up events that can be linked together to reflect both court and other external rules.

  • Document and Letter Assembly that creates letters, such as victim and witness notifications, that can be scheduled automatically by the event system or printed on demand by the user.

  • Full featured reporting system with several standard reports as well as the ability to create new reports by interfacing with 3rd party SQL-based report writers. Graphs and charts containing statistical information can also be generated.

  • Interfaces to third party software for word processing, imaging, document management, and time and billing.
The American Prosecutor
Specifically designed to meet the needs of Prosecuting Attorneys and District Attorneys, The American Prosecutor has the ability to track original prosecution, which includes all types of felonies and misdemeanors, DUI cases, and Child Abuse cases. Since Juvenile Delinquency cases require special handling, the system provides additional features such as automatic calculation of the juvenile's age and special windows for maintaining required counseling programs, probation sentences and detention centers in which the juvenile may be placed.
The American Civil Attorney
This product has a collection of mix-and-match modules that address the needs of attorneys that handle civil matters. You can order just the modules you need. These modules can also be mixed-and-matched with any of our other government products, such as Child Abuse and Neglect cases, or Forfeiture matters. The powerful features of the base Government Suite plus its ability to run in a wide variety of platforms make this a sure bet to get up and running fast, even if your department has an unusual mix of responsibilities. The Modules included are:


· Civil Matters · 1983 Claims
· Legislative Review · Civil Rights
· Personnel · Inmate Claims
· Inmate Torts · Juvenile
· Workers' Compensation · Death Penalty
· Training · Appeals
· Forfeiture · Investigations
· Criminal Referrals  
For additional information on any of our modules
please click here or visit our Additional Modules page.
The American Defender  
One of our most popular solutions, the American Defender was designed from the ground up with Criminal Defense Attorneys and Public Defenders in mind, this case management system has all the features you and your staff need to be more efficient, productive, and responsive. This case management program provides the ability to plan more effective defense strategies, enhance service to your client, coordinate efforts within the office better, and offer your office staff the business tools they need to operate efficiently. As with the American Prosecutor, the American Defender has the ability to track all types of felonies and misdemeanors, DUI cases, Child Abuse cases, and Juvenile Delinquency.