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Justice Integration
 The Environment

Today's Criminal Justice environment requires that various governmental agencies share data. The pressure is on for state and local agencies like Sheriff's departments, Courts, Prosecutors and Public Defenders to streamline operations and work together in the interest of national security. Unfortunately, most agencies are not capable of sharing data easily. Most have different applications, different technological platforms, different requirements, different ways of viewing and categorizing data elements and different skill sets. For the common good, disparate agencies with differing and sometimes competing objectives and perspectives must inevitably agree on what data should be shared, what technological approach to use and what the political impact might be. Often the technology is the least difficult hurdle.

  The Solution

LegalEdge provides solutions that overcome these hurdles. We help you manage the environment, manage the project and manage the technological approach to integrating justice information. Our staff has been involved in integration efforts for many years. We have facilitated agency to agency sharing from Prosecutor to Court and from Prosecutor to Police and from Courts to Defenders. We have also spearheaded statewide multi-agency initiatives such as building adapters and defining interface requirements for connecting Prosecutors, Public Defenders, AOPC, Probation, Parole and Jails.

LegalEdge provides consulting services, project management services and integration services and APIís. For traditional legacy application import/export or JXDDS XML adapter or broker middleware, LegalEdge helps you meet your requirements and attain your goals. Contact us today to see how your agency can get started sharing data, saving valuable budget dollars and improving the security of the homeland.