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The LegalEdge Web Platform

The LegalEdge Web-based suite of products is built on an open architecture, fully Web-based platform. In keeping with our philosophy of providing LegalEdge clients with systems that are highly customizable, this platform offers a metadata schema and optional customization tools. These allow you to extend and modify the application to suit your unique business needs. Completely Web-based, the system is highly scalable. Each of its application components can be distributed across multiple servers for extremely high reliability and fault tolerance. Packaged with a suite of development API's and a workflow structure, the LegalEdge Web-based Product Suite integrates with other Web-based enterprise systems simply and swiftly, ensuring the productivity gains that clients expect.

Standards Compliant

With a robust SQL database as its data repository, the platform is designed for interoperability with third party systems. The system is fully compatible with Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. The government products are the industry's only case management products, which use the Justice Data Model as the data base foundation. To provide complete support for .NET applications as well as mainframe clients, the system interoperates with a variety of protocols, including HTTP, JMS, MQ Series and others.

Best of Breed Security Subsystem

With a security system that is both extensive and easy for a system administrator to manage, the architecture secures down objects to the field level with a combination of database and business rule implementations.

Java Middle Tier

The middle tier application server has a J2EE core with a robust business rules processing layer. This Java based system utilizes an XML data API layer to move data between application components.


Our client's objectives are to have a long-term platform which is scalable, secure, platform independent, highly customizable, easy to use and easy to integrate. We believe this platform exceeds those objectives in every way. To see more detail on the platform or review our Architectural White Paper, contact a LegalEdge Representative.